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Enjoy a healthy start to the day with these simple breakfast recipes designed to keep cravings at bay!

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Kim Healey 


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Hi, I’m Kim

I’m the founder of Stepping Stones Nutrition and a qualified nutritionist who’s passionate about improving people’s lives by making it easier to eat nourishing food.

I’m a little obsessed with food and the difference it can make to your health and well-being! I love my job – helping people find balance in their lives, with natural healthy solutions tailored to their needs.

You’re never alone though – I guide you through the changes providing motivation to help you navigate the tough parts and a cheer squad as you reach your health goals.

I love helping clients with…

Metabolic Balance

The truely personalised nutrition plan that helps to balance your metabolism and shows you what to eat so you feel and look great again!

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Weight loss

So many different diets and so much information – it’s so confusing!  Would you like to know the best way to lose weight and keep it off?

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Hormonal imbalances

Hot flushes, night sweats, bloating, changing moods – don’t suffer in silence! Changes to diet and lifestyle can help make life easier.

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Is menopause keeping you awake at night?

Menopause can creep up on you, can’t it?  And to be honest who wants to admit they are getting older, not me!

To help you nourish your body through menopause I’ve created my Menopause recipe ebook filled with recipes for 36 delicious meals and snacks incorporating the nutrients your body needs during menopause and perimenopause.

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I really believe food is medicine.  In a nutritional consulation we will discuss your current symptoms, health history. diet and lifestyle.  From this I will create a nutrition and lifestyle plan which I will guide you through.


Should I visit a nutritionist?

What happens when I visit a nutritionist?

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Meal Planning

Do you struggle to come up with healthy meals for you and your family, whilst catering for all the different likes and intolerances?  Are you sick and tired of the same meals every single week?   

I can provide nutritionist designed meal plans and recipes including shopping lists and hints and tips to make meal times so much easier!


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Sometimes further information is required to help determine the factors impacting your health.  Testing may include functional pathology, hair mineral analysis, or zinc status.

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Would you like to have a nutritionist speak at your next event or offer a talk on a particular nutrition topic for your clients?

I love spreading the word about the importance of healthy eating and the impact it has on your wellbeing.  Talks are tailored to the audience and can be in person or via webinar.  


Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"I joined the Metabolic Balance nutrition programme and I haven't looked back. Kim is supportive, full of knowledge and no question is too trivial.

The programme has completely transformed my attitude towards eating and food. I have discovered what foods are good for my body and what foods cause inflammation in my body.

My sleep, mood and overall feeling of well being have improved beyond belief.

The consultations included on the MB programme are well spaced over a good length of time which has meant that the programme has become a way of life and I feel confident that I have the knowledge to continue on my own after my last consultation in April.
I would highly recommend Kim from Stepping Stones Nutrition if you are ready to take control of your eating and reap the benefits of nourishing your body with wonderfully tasty nourishing food.


Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"My goal when starting the program was to be less tired, and help manage my Hashimoto's thyroiditis and PCOS symptoms. Two months later and I am feeling so much better.

Kim's Metabolic Balance program has really worked for me, my energy levels have changed completely, I am no longer tired all the time and my periods are regular and pain free."


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Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"I have always struggled with weight loss and tried out different diets at different times but this is really different.

I have really found it helpful how Kim guided me at every step in this journey.

Highly recommend Metabolic Balance as this considers our specific body needs before prescribing anything."




Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"Thank you very much!

I am feeling really healthy and the benefits of MB eating are awesome.

Thank you for all your support on this journey."

Jenni (50)

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Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"When I first came to Kim , I didn't have much control over my diet. Kim is patient and helps look for alternatives, is accepting of frustrations - I never feel judged or criticised.  Kim always focuses on the solution and suggests alternatives. Now I have more control over my health, I don't have heartburn or indigestion, the food agrees with me"

Lesley Anne


Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"Go for it. You won't look back. Kim is an amazing support and she genuinely cares about your success. Her knowledge and advice are above expectation."


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Metabolic Balance Client Testimonials

"I didn't think it would be possible to look this good so fast!

Before starting the Metabolic Balance program, I struggling with mid 40s hormonal changes, yo-yo weight gain & loss, uncomfortable digestion and changes in my body shape that were making me feel that age was now in control. I was giving away some of my favorite clothes saying - I'll just never fit that again 'at my age'.

Kim began working from our clinic space a number of months ago and treating a colleague. At 52 & my colleague's body changes were incredible, and so - instead of succumbing to the slippery slope of menopause, I saved up, got my blood tests and started Metabolic Balance!

I won't sugar-coat the eating plan - it's a challenge and I had to make some big changes to my eating habits but I persevered and the results are worth it!

I wasn't overweight, I'm a thin person - but I'd built a bit of padding. Enough that I felt uncomfortable in a swimsuit and a bit squished in my old skinny jeans. On the program - all my excess weight (4kg) was gone in 2-3 weeks. I'm now 6 weeks in and 6kg down. I haven't looked this good since I was in my 20s. My inner thighs are slim, my tummy is flat, my muffin-top is gone! Even my side-thigh cellulite is disappearing!

Kim has been absolutely wonderful, a lovely kind lady who is infinitely patient and very supportive. I can't recommend her or the Metabolic Balance plan highly enough. Thank-you so much Kim."




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