10 Days to a Happier Tummy

Are you struggling with bloating or digestive discomfort? The 10 days to a happier tummy cleanse program is designed just for you!

Woman with a hand on her stomach area and a happy look on her face

Does this sound like you?

  • You regularly experience bloating and want to find natural and effective ways to reduce it
  • You regularly experience gas, constipation or indigestion and would like to find relief through diet and lifestyle changes.
  • You’re busy and don’t have time to commit to a 3 or 6 month program but 2 weeks is doable!

10 days to a healthy tummy has been created to provide you with the tools to cleanse your body and support your gut health.  Bring your body (and belly!) back into balance naturally by eating whole, real foods.

There are 2 Phases:

Phase 1 is three days (the prep before the program starts) and is a time to get organised, start reducing your intake of coffee, sugar, and alcohol, and start to plan for the cleanse.

Phase 2 is 10 days and is where you follow the Cleanse rules to a tee! 😉

What you’ll receive

  • Delicious, easy to make, healthy recipes including vegetarian options so you’ll never run out of ideas of what to eat.
  • A step by step program guide to support and educate you with options if you want to enhance the cleanse.
  • Daily reminders and health tips so you can start new habits that improve health
  • A facebook community to ask questions and share wins and challenges

This 10 Day program is packed FULL of real food – healthy, nutritious, delicious food!

Are you ready for a happier tummy?