Kim Nutritionist from Stepping Stones Nutrition

Hi,  I’m Kim, a Nutritionist and Metabolic Balance Practitioner.   My goal is to help you regain your energy and motivation through learning how to nourish your body with the food it requires.  Together we’ll delve into your health history and understand what is holding you back.  I’ll guide you through individual diet and lifestyle changes that target your wellness concerns and you’ll begin to notice the changes, better sleep, more energy and the weight will start to decrease!

I’m a qualified Nutritionist and am passionate about everything to do with food and the difference it can make to your health and well-being.  I love helping people find balance in their lives, with natural healthy solutions backed by an evidence based approach.

I saw a nutritionist when pregnant with my son and was impressed by the difference small changes in diet made.  Eager to learn more about how to provide my family with food that would truly nourish them I enrolled to study nutrition.  Fast forward about 16 years and I now love sharing my knowledge, I want to help as many people as I can thrive through their food choices.

Being a nutritionist I was a healthy eater, however it wasn’t until I did the Metabolic Balance program that I found a resolution to constantly feeling tired, lacking motivation and stabilising my weight.  It’s truely personalised and has helped me identify what food my body runs best on!  I love guiding clients through their own personalised Metabolic Balance program and helping them achieve their personal health goals.

We often think we don’t have time to look after our health,  try saying “my health is not a priority” and see how that feels?  Make yourself and your health a priority now!