Healthy Habits Course

Maximise your health as you learn how to easily construct nourishing meals and create healthy habits that will serve you for life.
Health & vitality

Does this sound like you?

  • You eat well most of the time but struggle to keep on track when socialising
  • You’ve tried different diets, stick to them for a while but life gets in the way and soon enough you are back to square one
  • You are curious about why you have cravings and are keen to learn how to avoid them.
  • You’re busy and find yourself ordering takeaway as you don’t know what to make or have nothing in your pantry, fridge or freezer.
  • You enjoy learning and following up with practical steps to implement your newly gained knowledge.

What you receive

  • 12 Lesson Nutrition & Health Coaching Program to teach you key pillars to health: Mindset, Nutrition, Movement, Sleep & Stress Management
  • Handouts and/or coaching exercise supporting each lesson – so you can take action and transform knowing what to do into actually doing it.
  • A recipe book full of 36 nourishing, healthy, absolutely delicious recipes that are easy to make.

The aim of the program is to provide you with the knowledge and tools to change your habits and support you in understanding sensible whole food eating, which is nutrient dense and doesn’t require calorie counting.

Course Curriculum

LESSON 1: Setting Goals that Stick
Learn about Outcome Based vs Behaviour Based Goals, & work through a powerful goal setting process! Includes a workbook to complete & learn the goal setting process.
LESSON 2: Guiding Nutrition Principles vs Diet Mentality
Learn the fundamental nutrition principles (based on a nutrient-dense, whole foods approach) so you can develop a healthy attitude to food rather than following dogmatic diets.
LESSON 3: Creating a Balanced Healthy Meal
An introduction to the concept of Nutrient Dense eating and learn how to create a balanced plate with all macro-nutrients in healthy portion sizes.
LESSON 4: The Organised Healthy Kitchen
A guide to clearing out the kitchen clutter and stocking your fridge, freezer and pantry with healthy staples. Includes a Guidebook with stock & low-tox equipment lists and a clear the kitchen clutter exercise.
LESSON 5: Metabolism & Fat Burning
Understand how the body stores and releases fat and what factors can impact your weight.
LESSON 6: Eating Mindfully
What Mindful Eating is and why it’s important.  Includes an exercise to help you develop a more mindful approach to your meals.
LESSON 7: Honouring Hunger & Fullness
This lesson teaches you the 4 types of hunger and how to identify ‘true hunger’.  Includes handouts to create ‘end of meal rituals’.
LESSON 8: Cravings & Emotional Eating
Learn about cravings and how to manage them, what emotional eating really is and find better ways to cope.
LESSON 9: Stop Self Sabotage
How to recognise self sabotage, know what it really is and how to overcome it so you can change your habits and reach your desired outcome.
LESSON 10: Stress, Sleep & Self Care
This lesson includes lots of teachings about the impact of stress on our health. Understand the difference between self care and self comfort.
LESSON 11: Eating Out & Choosing Well
How to make healthy choices when eating out or on holidays. Includes a handout on emergency healthy snack alternatives
LESSON 12: Movement
How to find a type of movement or exercise that you love, rather than using exercise as a form of punishment. Includes a coaching exercise to help develop a ‘movement habit’.


How long will the course take?
The course includes 12 lessons each with a short videos (approximately 10 minutes) for you to watch at your own pace and homework that consolidates the learning from each lesson.   The tasks vary in length, some being activities you track over a week (or as long as you want).
The material will be released one lesson per week over a 12 week period.
How long will I have access to the course?
Once purchased you will have access for the lifetime of the course.
Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
Purchases are final.  Please read this page and the terms and conditions to fully understand what is covered and what is included.  No refunds will be offered for change of mind or if the course does not meet your expectations.

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