If you’re at the stage of entering menopause, you may be all to familiar with hot flushes and night sweats – the sudden feeling of heat, usually over the face, neck and chest that can also come with profuse sweating. They can last anywhere from a few seconds to 30 minutes, and for many women, this sensation even interrupts their sleep and can just be an uncomfortable experience.  It’s not surprising you may be wondering How do I manage hot flushes?

What causes hot flushes?

Mainly, fluctuations of hormones, like estrogen and progesterone, are responsible for hot flushes and night sweats. In fact, both too little and too much estrogen can be responsible for hot flushes, so a delicate balance between these hormones is essential for a women to feel her best, even during these big life stages.

Other triggers of hot flushes may vary from woman to woman, however some common culprits include:

    • Stress

    • Spicy foods

    • Smoking

    • Lack of exercise

    • Caffeine

    • Excessive alcohol

Luckily, hot flushes for most women, are quite manageable with simple diet and lifestyle changes:

    • Ensure you’re exercising regularly, even just a daily walk outdoors!

    • Limit caffeine, alcohol and excess sugar

    • Quit smoking

    • Avoid spicy foods – focus on cooling foods such as eggs, green tea, apples for example

    • Ensure you’re getting enough protein and omega-3 (oily fish chia seeds, nuts)

    • Drink enough water! Aim for at least 2.5L if you can. Not only will you ensure you don’t become dehydrated, but water is also one of the most simple priorities when it comes to our hormone health that many of us forget!

As well as this, there are many things we can do here at Stepping Stones Nutrition to help you manage hot flushes, as well as any other symptoms you are experiencing during perimenopause and menopause! You can always book in a free clarity call to find out more about how we can help you!