I received this beautiful hour glass as a gift at NATEX, a conference for nutritionists I attended on the weekend. The theme was love your work, love your life, love yourself. My head is buzzing with lots of ideas which I can’t wait to implement!

On the top of the hourglass it says “if not now, then when” – this really sums up a lot of thoughts that have been floating through my head over the last few weeks and I challenge you to spend a few moments thinking about it.

Life in 2020 is busy, it can get rather crazy right? And if you’re like me, so much is floating around in your mind, that you wonder if you will ever catch up. Sometimes I spend the day randomly chasing tasks and although I’m busy, I get to the end of the day and feel like I haven’t achieved anything – have you ever felt that way?

So, take a few quiet minutes to think about the big dream or health issue you have tucked away that you have been putting off. Putting off till you are less busy, till the kids are older, perhaps till you have more money, more time…. ponder this for a moment and then put it in the context of if not now, then when?

Is it time to take that first step to losing weight, to doing something about your lack of sleep, to address your PMS or menopause symptoms? There is always going to be the never ending list of tasks to do, you don’t want to get to the point where you are saying I wish I’d done something about my health earlier.

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