Remember the days when you had lots of energy, liked your clothing size and didn’t fall asleep in front of the tv after dinner?  A long distant version of yourself perhaps, but not necessarily one that you can’t find again!  Metabolic Balance has helped many people all over the world feel great again.

What is Metabolic Balance ?

Metabolic Balance is a personalised nutrition plan (diet) that balances the needs of your body with the right food.  Your body is capable of producing its own hormones and enzymes that it needs to function, however in order to do this it requires fuel.  This fuel is provided by the food that you eat.  So to perhaps state the obvious, the better the food (fuel) the better your body will function!  In the extreme, if your diet consists of highly processed food with a lot of sugar and fat then your body may not be getting the fuel it needs to perform optimally and this may result in aches, weight gain, difficulty sleeping and mood swings to name but a few symptoms.

I’ve tried diets before – what’s different?

Everyone is unique and the exact balance of food that you need for optimum health will be different to everyone else.  Metabolic Balance uses a blood test, your health history and personal preferences to determine which foods are best for you.  Your plan is unique and created specifically you.

It’s not always easy to follow a diet is it?  No matter how well intentioned you are, there is a lot of temptation – dinner out, well meaning friends armed with cakes or bottles of wine – all very difficult to resist! The Metabolic Balance program includes not only rules and guidelines to follow but also suggestions to make it easier to stick to the program and regular consultations with a qualified nutritionist to motivate and help keep you on track.

Make it a habit

One way to maintain and sticking to your new way of eating is to ensure it becomes a habit.  The length of the program and the support of a nutritional coach help to make the changes to your eating habits more than a short term fad.  When you start to get results and feel so much better, you’ll want to continue and your body will be telling you to do so too!

Real food and healthy habits

There is no use of shakes, pills or specialised food in Metabolic Balance it is a long term lifestyle change.  Healthy eating habits are created through focusing on nutrient rich wholefoods and mindful and sensible eating behaviours.   As well as releasing fat, many people find decreased joint pain, clearer skin and a decrease in chronic illness due to lower inflammation.

Yes, there is something you can do to regain your enthusiasm and energy for life!

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