Menopause Masterclass

Learn my top 3 tips for thriving through menopause and beyond.

Monday 28th February 8:00 PM AEDT

mature woman walking in nature

Here’s what I will share in the masterclass

  • Is it menopause or not?  Clearing the confusion
  • Weight gain – why it happens and can it be avoided?
  • What can I do?  I’ll be sharing 3 key strategies to successfully manage menopause, feel more energised, and lose belly bloat.
  • A special offer for those who would like to work with me

About me

I’m Kim, a qualified Nutritionist who’s passionate about everything to do with food and the difference it can make to your health and well-being.  I love helping people find balance in their lives, with natural healthy solutions backed by an evidence based approach.

Being a nutritionist I was a fairly healthy eater, however when I did my own Metabolic Balance program I found a resolution to constantly feeling tired, lacking motivation and stabilising my weight.  It’s truly personalised and has helped me identify what food my body runs best on!  I love guiding clients through their own personalised Metabolic Balance program and helping them achieve their personal health goals.

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