Nutritional consultations are a core component of the service I provide.  During the consultation, I will get an understanding of your concerns and symptoms and use this to provide nutritional recommendations specifically for you.

Metabolic Balance

Do you want a healthy weight loss program?

Are you looking for a natural solution to ease menopausal symptoms?

Do you want to know what to eat to get back to optimal health?

Metabolic Balance is a personalised nutrition plan which has helped people lose weight and regain their health all by eating real food!

I guide you through your personalised plan and support you through changing your eating habits as you begin to enjoy renewed health.

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woman in fitness gear preparing healthy food

Sports Nutrition

Are you training for an event or a weekend warrior trying to improve your fitness?

Book an initial consultation and I can guide you through when to eat, what to eat and how much to eat to ensure optimal recovery.

Healthy Habits

Would you like to maximise your health, learn how to easily construct nourishing meals and create healthy habits that will serve you for life.  

The Healthy Habits course is an online program covering mindset, nutrition, movement, sleep and stress management.   Includes handouts and coaching exercises to help you take action and transform knowing what to do into actually doing it.  


Do you want to understand what is causing your symptoms?  Testing will save you time, money and takes the guesswork out.
After taking time to understand your health history and current symptoms, I can recommend the test that is most suitable, order the test for you and create a personalised treatment plan just for you.


What They Say

Kim is an incredible coach: patient, encouraging and knowledgeable. She gently pointed out simple changes to my diet that I had been misguided into adopting, thinking I was making good choices. With her careful guidance, I am now more aware of foods I should avoid due to intolerances that I was previously unaware of, enabling me to make subtle substitutions that have had a significant impact on my wellbeing.”

Kim was so thorough and professional, always tailoring things for my specific needs. I achieved some significant weight loss but more importantly some great improvements to my overall health. She has been so encouraging and pleasant to deal with!

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