Having a family comes with many responsibilities, one of those is keeping everyone healthy and happy. With so many commitments, time can become limited, and it can be hard to balance it all!

When life gets stressful, this is exactly when we are wanting to have balanced, nutritious diet to keep our energy levels up in order to be able to enjoy our time with our loved ones. But how do we do this? Here’s some tips!

Implementing healthy changes as a family:

  • It is important that the whole family feels involved when it comes to food. This includes planning meals, shopping for ingredients, cooking and even simply just laying the table! Not only does this take some pressure of you but it allows the whole family to share the experience.
  • Eat as a family! This one may be easier said than done when schedules are crazy, and kids are young and like to fidget, but try to keep it a relaxed and enjoyable experience where you all get the chance to connect. Try to do this as much as possible.
  • Teach your children how to eat a healthy, balanced diet early on! This allows healthy eating to become second nature to them and it will be a natural part of their life.
  • Get creative and cook with colourful vegetables! Everyone will be much more inclined to eat a nutritious meal if it looks good too.
  • Shop seasonally and locally. Be aware of what produce is in season and get to know your local farmers markets or grocers.
    Bonus – you will most likely be able to get produce that is in season for cheaper!
  • Plan ahead! Having even just a rough idea of the meals you will make during the week and the ingredients you will need can save a lot of stress, money and time.
  • Most importantly, remember to be a positive role model. Parents have an enormous influence over their child’s eating habits, so remember to find time to look after yourself and your diet as well as your family’s.


A healthy family is best achieved when everyone is involved in learning, cooking, creating and eating together! Don’t forget to make eating fun, colourful and easy for you and your family.