Want to know the exact food your body needs to thrive?

And smash your performance goals

(Without trialing yet another fad diet)










If you’re a keen sportsperson who loves the thrill of the chase you’ve probably heard how important personalised nutrition is..


Do any of these sound familiar… 


You’ve tried keto, fasted training and everything else the experts recommend but you know you’re still carrying a few excess kilos

You just can’t achieve that next performance goal

You’re not sure how much you should be eating

Your body is telling you, things just aren’t quite right

What if there was a way to find the perfect fuel for your body?

The truth is with the right tools and approach you don’t need to try lots of different performance shakes or spend months working this out.

You can get on the fast track with guidance from an experienced nutritionist who creates personalised plans using a successful world reknown program


Metabolic Balance for sports nutrition

A step by step personalised nutrition program for sports fanatics who want increased vitality and performance achieved through a healthy and balanced metabolism.

I’ll be able to tell you exactly what foods to eat based on your own body chemistry.   Know how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat, so you don’t have to worry about getting the proportions right.  No more guessing or overwhelm, you’ll be confident in choosing the foods that has your body running smoothly and in peak condition.

Here’s how it works….

Initial Consult

Book an initial consultation so we can make sure the program is right for you.





The results of a blood test plus your  health history and personal information (current weight, measurements) go into creating your unique nutritional plan.

Cleanse phase

A two day preparation phase

Strict Phase

For two weeks adhere closely to your plan and allow your body time to adjust.  This is done during a break in training.

Adjustment phase

Continue with the plan with minor adjustements as you progress to your goals.  The length of this phase will vary depending on your health status.


Congratulations!  You know how, what and when to eat to have your body performing optimally and healthily!

It also includes:

5 nutritional consultations to keep you on track and motivated

An app so you will always have your plan with you

Recipes and tips to help with what to cook





Increase energy and boost performance

Gain strength and muscle mass

Sleep better and

wake rested

With a Balanced Metabolism



Maintain desired weight





Regulate your blood sugar

Balance acidity- alkaline ratio