Have you seen one of my social media posts about Metabolic Balance, or heard about it from a friend but perhaps you’re not really sure how it could benefit you?  Then this article is for you!  Read on for an explanation of what Metabolic Balance is and how it has helped many of my clients.

The Metabolic Balance program is one of the reasons I love my job –the changes clients experience when they undertake the program are inspiring.  Just this week yet another client told me it is the best thing she has ever done for herself!

So why do clients love the program?

People love the way the program makes them feel, clients have found the bloating goes, the energy levels improve, sleep improves, inflammation and pain decreases and for those who want to lose a few kilos – they fit into their old clothes again.

How does the program do this?

We start with a blood test, it’s very extensive  (the analysis includes 35 blood values)  but only takes one quick blood draw.  As well as the blood test, your health history, measurements and personal eating preferences are taken into account.  This enables the program to determine the foods that will give you the greatest possible health benefits. The blood also reveals whether you have inflammation or are susceptible to illnesses..

The Metabolic Balance program identifies the food that your body needs, providing you with a plan which includes a list of quality proteins, the ideal vegetables and fruit that form the basis your three meals a day.  The plan shows you how much to eat and when to eat.   Most client find their plan simple and easy to follow.   By balancing your metabolism, your symptoms start to decrease, your energy increases and you start to feel like your old self again.   As your body heals we introduce a wider range of foods, and you’ll idenitfy which foods are good for you and any foods you need to avoid.

The right food for you plays an important role, not only for your body, but also for your mind. By fuelling yourself correctly you can help increase the efficiency of your brain. You’ll feel energised, fitter, mentally active and can keep up with everyday demands: feeling old and unwell can become a distant memory!

You are not alone on your journey, the program includes a minimum of 5 consultations, enabling me to guide you step by step through the program.   We discuss what is and isn’t working for you, any challenges you are facing, chat about meal ideas and together determine your next steps.

I encourage clients to not think of this as a diet but a change to eating habits, over the program you learn how to maintain your new eating habits for long term sustainable success.

One of the best parts of the program is that it doesn’t rely on you counting calories, drinking shakes or starving yourself.  You learn to eat intuitively according to what your body needs.  Celebrations are an important part of a healthy life and with Metabolic Balance you don’t have to feel guilty when you enjoy important birthdays or life events.

I’ve only been able to give you a brief introduction here, if this is something you would like to learn more about head to my bookings page and book a clarity call, we can talk more and see if Metabolic Balance is the right fit to help you smash your health goals!