You’ve probably heard about metabolism before, especially when it comes to weight loss. Maybe you’ve heard of the phrase “speed up your metabolism”, or heard someone say their metabolism is slower than it used to be, but do you know how big of a role it truly plays in your wellbeing?

Metabolism is a term encompassing all the complex chemical reactions in our body that contribute to normal functioning. It builds up, breaks down and transforms different nutrients given to our cells from the foods that we consume.

It is essential for growth and repair, oxygen supply to our organs, the function of our liver, as well as the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates from our food to be converted to energy. This allows for all our vital functions to occur!

How does this influence our health?

Any energy we burn at any time is due to our metabolism! A balanced metabolism is important for us to function at our most optimal level.

Some benefits may include:

  • improved sleep – wake up feeling more refreshed
  • increased energy – more motivation and time for work and home life
  • improved blood sugar regulation
  • weight loss and maintenance – also an improvement in muscle mass!
  • improved quality of life overallI’ll take all of the above please!

What if our metabolism is not balanced?

A balanced, nutritious diet plays a major role in maintaining our metabolism, and each person is unique when it comes to their nutrition needs. As our metabolism relies on many enzymes and hormones, which require energy and nutrients from food to function effectively, it is important that we are feeding our body what it needs!

If these nutrients are not available and our metabolism becomes unbalanced, this can lead to health problems and metabolic illnesses such as being overweight or type 2 diabetes.

Not to worry though, if you’re wanting to feel your best, finally balance your metabolism and soak up all the great benefits, check out the metabolic balance information here to see if this program could work for you!