Forget the four years of study – choosing the name was one of the most difficult parts of setting up my Nutrition Consultancy!  I agonised over it for quite a while, I wanted something that really resonated with me.  Many names and thoughts went through my head, some being:

  • Will I get bored with the name?
  • Will that name put people off?
  • What will people read into the name?
  • Has anyone used that name or something similar?
  • Is that sending the message I want?
  • How will it look on website, business card etc?
  • Should I just use my name?
  • Is it too trendy/too old fashioned?

As usual, I was really over thinking it!  I felt the business name was important and I wanted it to be something that resonated with me.  I had a few options but all were not quite right.  One had the word nourished in it – which being a nutritionist I loved the word ‘nourished’ but on speaking to a friend she pointed out that it is a really over used word in the health industry, so I re-considered!

The name stepping stones nutrition came to me when I was out on a trail run, during one of my many attempts to make a consistent habit out of trail running.  (I find that running is so much easy when I am surrounded by nature rather than roads and houses – does anyone else relate to that?).   I’m not sure I was even thinking of the business name but I do remember I ran on a few rocks over a small creek ( stepping stones) and immediately my heart took a little leap!  Stepping Stones Nutrition – it felt good!

I’ve always focused on there being a path to better health through nutrition.  It’s not just one step and your done.  Real results happen through small steps, that become a habit you can build upon.  That’s one of the reasons I really liked the name stepping stones nutrition.  I didn’t expect people to see the name and understand the meaning but it felt right and intuition is a wonderful thing!

So I checked with a marketing guru friend of mine, who gave it a big tick, did the research to make sure I could use it and went about making Stepping Stones Nutrition mine!   Here we are a few years later and  I’m still happy with my choice!